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In business since 2002

Cheaphomeslistings.com combines one of the largest and freshest database of foreclosure listings direct from major banks, mortgage companies, HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Government and more. Our 20 years of practical experience in the business made it possible for us to contact major banks and real estate brokers nationwide and develop a network of exclusive contacts in this industry unsurpassed by any other company

Properties in Pre-Foreclosure

Our nationwide network of courthouse scouts obtain information as it is filed regarding owners that have just been served with a foreclosure notice, this service is not available in every county. Once you have pre-foreclosure information you can contact the property owner FIRST and negotiate the best possible price.

Foreclosure Auctions

Did you know that each week thousands foreclosure properties are sold at public auction? We provide daily auction updates listing foreclosures that are going to be sold at a court ordered auction in states where available.

Real Estate Brokers Network

We have a network of foreclosure real estate brokers nationwide who supply us with exclusive listings daily.

Billing by CCBILL Company

You may dial our toll-free Consumer Support line at any time at 1-888-596-9279. We are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365-days a year. Simply call one of the telephone numbers listed below to speak with a CCBill Consumer Support Representative.

You may also send an e-mail with your subscription information to [email protected]. When sending your request, please provide as much information as possible, e.g., subscription ID number, e-mail address, username, last name, and ZIP code.

For billing inquiries ONLY 1 - 888 - 596 9279